I don’t even know what to file this under. Maybe I need a new category.

I’m starting something new. It’s a kind of audioblog of sorts, but it’s fiction. It’s not the grand multi-actor experiment that I had envisioned for the Blogathon and never followed through, but it’s definitely something to cause a stir.

Anyhow, I’ve been doing some work with my MadPlayer and trying to figure out the best way to accomplish the audio recording. Not having the MadPlayer, MadPlayer cabling, and audio mixing software all in one place is stifling my creativity a bit. Still, the MadPlayer alone is pretty nice for getting some great audio done - no 60hz hum because it’s battery-powered, record anywhere to flash card, instant royalty-free generated background music, real-time reverb and doppler shift on the microphone input, audio samples on command, etc.

Sometime tomorrow I hope to have the first segment online. The main character doesn’t have a real name yet. Tentatively, I’m thinking either Zack or Gary. The last name is completely in the air for now. This reminds me somewhat of the main character’s name in Fight Club. The good news is that the other characters have names, and they’re all in there.

Should I publish this as audio only? I have a script. Creative Commons? Maybe, maybe not. And should I use just a link to the audio so I can pick up the enclosure for the newsfeed (and any iPodders who might care to subscribe), or should I just dump it into my Flash audio player, or both? Both is probably good, but I’ll need a nice way to deploy everything automatically. Maybe a plugin thing that turns audio enclosures automatically into Flash output? Yeah, that would be cool.

What else I don’t have is a real name for the project. The working name is “Roberts and Watson”, but after a discussion with Berta, that probably won’t do as the real name. I’ll need to come up with something better. Unfortunately, none of you will be of any help since you haven’t heard it yet, in spite of me having re-recorded it eight times already. Hmm.

I guess this entire post was pointless. Except for, you know, telling you to come back tomorrow when there’s actual content. Ugh.