I know that I recently mentioned creating a Wiki for my book stuff. You can find it at Indoor Astronomy. If you want to make edits, the edit password is “wikipass”, and you should use your name as the username. The Wiki doesn’t care who you are as long as you have the password.

I don’t have much online as of yet, since I’ve only been adding a few paragraphs each day, but you can see what direction I’m going in. Some of the stuff on there is inaccurate or unfinished, since it’s still a work in progress. I need to come up with a way that people can leave inline comments on the text. It shouldn’t be too hard, but I need to make a decision. For now, just use the Book Suggestions page.

If you have general astronomy questions that I can frame in the context of my book, I’m anxious to read them. Leave them here or there.

What I really need next is a good way to turn my hand drawings (which will be a good creative portion of the content) into something that will work online. What do you think of the logo on the page? This is the kind of style I am thinking of going for for all of the illustrations in the book. It’s pretty much exactly like what my regular astronomy illustrations look like, so try not to be too insulting.