I hope that I’m not alone in this, since I’m bothering to throw this out there.

Do you get frustrated that a program doesn’t exist to fill your needs? Or maybe you’ve looked at dozens of programs to try to find the one that does what you need, but they all come up short in some way?

That’s not my problem. My problem is that after I’ve found no solution, I start coding the solution myself. And there are so many niches out there to target, that I start writing so many programs that none of them ever get finished.

Look at PSPad, for example. I hunted everywhere for a text editor that would meet my requirements. Everything falls short in some way or another. But I finally found PSPad and I’m happy with it. Except… Any day now I expect that the lack of a regular expression “find in files” feature will send me back down the development road. Nevermind that I have PowerGREP to do that.

I fear that I will jump into a development frenzy that I’ve been putting off since I found Copper, but no final solution for my groupware needs. I’ve also created new needs for myself with AppRocket, which is a neat little program that doesn’t do quite enough for the hordes of memory it consumes. And is there an RSS aggregator out there that suits me? FeedDemon had goofy little flaws - specifically, how it handles marking items as read. Plus, I would like something that does what ecto does (post posts to blog), but isn’t commercial and is designed to work specifically with WordPress.

So am I the only person that does this? Is there an AA-like group meeting I can attend? Some kind of 12-step program?