Verizon is going whole-hog with their fiber service advertising.

We went to the mall recently for something or other (maybe just to get out of the house?) and ate dinner there. The tables were doing the advertising.

Fios AdvertisingThis is a giant vinyl sticker advertising Fios. They’re stuck to a high percentage of the tables in the food court at Exton Square Mall. “See the Light” they command.

I got a hanger on the doorknob at home the other day, too. It’s a giant thing - maybe 17 inches long, 6 inches wide - and made of laminated paper. It also advertises Fios, including the monthly price for the low bandwidth package.

On the way home from work last week, I saw the Fios truck. It looks kind of like a regular moving truck with two exceptions. First, there’s a giant Fios advertisement on the side. Second, the trailer part of the truck is only about two feet wide. It’s a regular sized moving truck, but it’s got basically a billboard on the back. Of what possible use could this be?

I wonder if they’re going to start the TV services soon, and how much that will cost above the internet and phone service. I’m anxious to see what they offer and how much overall it’s going to cost me to retain my PVR capabilities. We may yet stick with satellite just because of the superior national coverage. (I get some west-coast stations) But if I can start watching HD TV on my computer monitor, we may switch abruptly.

Still, I already know about Fios. I have it. Now I see it everywhere. This is not like the measly DSL campaign Verizon promoted. This is something they’re serious about rolling out.