We all got together for Ken's surprise 30th birthday party.  I think he was really surprised.

The party was at the Elk's club in West Chester.  Everyone I talked to kept telling me that the party was in the "Happy Corpse Room".  This didn't make sense to me at all.  Actually in talking to Katie, I even said something to the effect of, "So, the party is in the jolly dead guy room?"  And she acted a little confused, but reaffirmed that it was indeed the "Happy Corpse Room".  So, ok.

When we arrived, though, it was obvious where I made my mistake.  "Happy Corks Room"  Ah.  Much more sense.

It turns out the Ken has more friends than what shows up to game on Saturday night.  That's pretty normal, I guess.  OF course, all of Ken's other friends look kind of, well, preppy.  Not that that's bad, but it's wildly different from the gaming group.

Dinner was good.  Roast beef sandwiches and pasta, with some salads on the side.  And cake, of course.  Lots and lots of cake.

Abby had a great time running around with these two other little kids.  There was what I presumed to be a dance area and a stage, where they chased each other all over the place.  She had a little dinner and a couple of forks of cake, which excited her less than playing with the kids.

The whole thing went well.  Katie was nice to have invited us to the party.  We had a good time getting together just for dinner.  Next week, I guess we'll return to our regularly scheduled game.