Oh, yes, this is why I love snow.

Everyone in other places in the country gets so excited when snow happens because it’s so cute and wodnerful. Here, we live on the precarious border of where the snowfall starts to get reasonably inconvenient to deal with and people don’t know how to deal with reasonable snowfall.

For example, people will still insist that driving 50 miles per hour is reasonable when there is a 3-inch cover of ice and slush on the road. They forget that their SUVs are not only just as susceptable to ice as a regular car, but they weight more and are actually harder to stop (see also: Newton’s third law of motion).

Well, I hope it stops snowing soon. (No, it’s currently still coming down like crazy.) Perhaps afterwards, I can begin the drudgery of shovelling myself out of this crap, and uncovering the cars to move them before the plows make that impossible. Surely, I will be expected to be at work tomorrow, regardless of the weather.

I hope you enjoy your blasted snow.