My favourite holiday destination ever, is surprisingly the south of France. The département of Var to be exact. This year we spent a fortnight in a small town called Seillans (Sey-on). Inland, where we were, the prices were generally very reasonable, except in the "gatronomique" restaurant, where the menu was so flowery you couldn't understand it. Let me rephrase that. The menu was in French (which I hope I have a good grasp of, especially doing A-level French), but it wasn't simple, say it was a steak, it wasn't "Steak Diane", it was "A delightful tender steak in a sauce of...". It confused me

All in all, Southern France gets a double thumbs up, we got back and had next years holiday in France booked within a month. Although we are going about an hour further along the coast.

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