This is an outdoor panorama picture of the resort we stayed in when we went to Orlando last week. This panorama is comprised of 11 pictures that I stitched together using Realviz's Stitcher 4.0, which produces panoramas of excellent quality.

In this photo you can see the lighthouse that is the centerpiece of the resort, as well as some of the golf course in the foreground. The building that we actually stayed in is the one on the far right, which is near the entry gate and not too far from the pool You can even see the duck boats that Abby and I rode in on the lake.

I’m going to post the interior pictures that I took on Monday in a later post, after I get them out of the notebook. I took these on Friday, so they were still in the camera.

Please note that this is not a Global Discovery resort, but the Marriott resort that we own and trade through Interval International. If you’re a Global Discovery member, you should compare what you’re getting with this - it’s pretty much top-of-the-line.