Oh, yeah, it’s Wednesday, but I figured I would update you on the weekend events.

Saturday morning, Berta, Abby, and I went to the Riverblues Festival at Chadds Ford Winery. There was a blues band and wine tasting. The bottling “plant” they have there is pretty cool. You can see all of the barrels that the wine ages in, and the giant metal tubs (yeah, ok, I was taste-testing) that they keep the wine in.

I played the usual Saturday game that night. I ran a bit more of the Onyx Mirror adventure, and the party came back to Dark Water to reap the benefits of thousands of years of honed craftsmanship offered by the locals. And to beat the stuffing out of them.

Sunday, we trekked out to Stan’s for a barbecue. Berta and Abby went swimming, and I talked with Stan and his friends. A lot of nice people there. And beer.

Monday we did nothing. Well, that’s not true. We shopped for a bed for Abby. We got a bunk bed that converts into two twins and a couple of mattresses to match. So, yeah, nothing truly exciting there.

Since I have off this week, I’m going to work on some code at home, and hopefully spend a good portion of Thursday at Herseypark.