Oh, I didn't see you there

It has been over a year since my last blog post was published, and yes, this does feel a bit like a confession.

I have a handful of new habits I'm trying out.  Maybe blogging again will stick.  I think there may be a change coming that will facilitate this, but I'm not yet ready to say what that is.

I wish I had more time to go into some of the topics in my head in detail, but for now suffice with a list:

  • Note taking on the computer - Apps to use, which ones work, why, and what I'd really like instead.
  • Lessons learned while building Brewfest - How the new site is designed and built, and why WordPress code simply no longer factors into my life.
  • Building constant insanity - A continuous process of always surprising others and expanding my horizons.
  • Re-learning to solve problems - Using the ToC Thinking Process to solve problems, by first figuring out how to use the ToC Thinking Process.
  • The diet, again - A new strategy for getting fit, this time setting a long-term goal and putting money into it.
It'd probably also be worthwhile to bring the site up-to-date, both from the CMS standpoint (poor, ignored Habari) and from the perspective that much has happened since I bothered to write last.  It was recently pointed out to me that this blog is deep; there are 2500+ posts in here ranging back to 1998, and it's primarily long-form.  It seems kind of a shame to let it languish, although, having some target in mind to accomplish seems like a better idea than just randomly deciding to post something every so often for no reason.  Maybe I'll come up with that target soon - I'm still working that out.