Abby and Nana constructed this pig nose from a paper cup we had at the house. Nana said it was supposed to use a plain white cup and a stick (instead of the pencil), but I thought it looked quite cute as is.

Abby was insistent on showing Aunt Therese her pig nose on Thursday, which is odd because we have no plans to see her then that I know of. So I told Abby that I would take her picture with the pig nose and we would send it to Therese on the computer.

There is a picture of Abby showing off one of her new workbooks. I wrote about these workbooks before, so I won’t go on too much about them here. But I will mention that Abby and I started her next level of Hooked On Phonics over the weekend, so she’s learning letter sounds. If we keep at it, she should be reading small books custom-tailored to her skill level by the end of October.

Also of interest in this post is a picture of Berta pregnant with as-yet-unnamed Kid Two at seven months. Bert is a sexy pregnant chick.