When I wrote the Countdown plugin, I supplied a default set of events so that people could see the date formats for adding new entries.

One of the default events in the distributed list is my birthday, which, as many of you may know from reading this blog, happens twice during the year; Once in January (actual) and once in June (observed).

What amuses me most about the whole situation is when people install Countdown for the first time and they use the default dataset for a while. Technorati scans their sites, and finds the link to Asymptomatic in their event lists. The link is on the “Owen’s Birthday (Observed)” text.

So around this time of year, I would expect many incoming links reported on Technorati for my birthday. That’s way cool!

I don’t expect that everyone who uses it will leave my observed birthday in their Countdown events file, but it would be neat if they did. Then every year around my birthday I could have a flurry of incoming links from people I don’t know. What a great birthday present!