After watching the first half of SciFi’s The Peacekeeper Wars miniseries, I am reminded how great a show Farscape was, and how stupid problems needlessly ruin a good thing all too often.

Don’t know about Farscape? Check out this Farscape primer.

Last night’s episode was pretty good. There was just enough of all the quirky action that makes Farscape great. I was afraid they were going to make it just another (longer) episode, but that doesn’t seem the case. The story is actually progressing.

It’s funny how when a series is forced to pack so much ending into so little time that you end up with something that is so concentratedly great. Take for example the endless episodes of Buffy (especially toward the last couple seasons) where you wish that they would just reveal the big secret already. But when you’re forced to dump everything on the audience in 4 hours, it’s like a concentrated rush.

Anyway, I’ll surely be watching the last half, and you should too. The SciFi channel is airing the first half again tonight, followed by the second half. Check it out.