Our assignment for today in C++ class (WCU Edelman CSC141) is to write a program that computes car rental rates.

Basically, an input file contains a list of days rented and miles driven.  The program should read each of these pairs of values and compute the cost of the car rental using two plans, A and B.  The program should produce output that lists each rental - the days, miles, cost of each plan - then identify the cheaper plan and its cost.

The program should keep a running total of the rental fees charged, and also output the percent of each plan that was used and the average duration and mileage values for all trips.

The "rental company" also wants to get rid of plan A, so they want to know how much better plan B is.  For this purpose, the program should also tally the cost for all rentals as if they all used plan B.  Then it should output this and the additional fees it would have received if the company had eliminated plan A.

I have uploaded the compiled project as a zip archive, including the data and compiled program.