I played the first half of that “The Office” video over at myspace.com, which totally wasn’t worth my time. I thought that I might like it from the buzz I’ve heard, but I’m definitely taking that out of my PVR timer.

More importantly, ever since I played the video my software firewall (inside the NAT-enabled Cisco router, mind you) has been throwing up alarms. Myspace has been portscanning me!

I thought that maybe it was just a remnant of the video playback. A kind of “are you still watching?” sort of thing. But the alarm has popped up twice now (each alarm is triggered by multiple port connections in sequence) with quite a gap between. I would think that they would have realized that I think their show sucks by now and would stop bothering me since I was unconnectable the first time.

Of more worry to me is why the router hasn’t dropped the open port yet. It’s been a while. Maybe the service provider is mucking with the settings again. I hate days like that - it’s like a sign that I shouldn’t even try to do work.

Drat! While I was editing this I was portscanned a third time. Something about myspace.com is seriously not kosher.