For those of you who don't know, I host this site on a dedicated server system located in Texas provided by Rackshack.  Rackshack has proven more reliable than any host I have ever worked with, and since we're talking about 1995 here, that's saying something.

Headsurfer Robert Marsh comments on the Rackshack forums while firefighters put out the last of the burning transformerLast night around 8PM, the power transformer at Rackshack exploded into a 30-foot tall fireball, eliminating the primary source of power for all of the servers in their facility.  Through the utilization of thought-out emergency techniques, they have been able to keep the power online continuously since the explosion - even during the explosion.

The electric utility in the area has told them that primary power will not be restored until Thursday.  Even so, Rackshack's Head Surfer (Robert Marsh, in yellow shirt) has promised reliability at any expense.  Extra generators have been purchased and rolled in, and tankers of gas now visit the facility every 12 hours.  That's dedication.

My thanks go to Rackshack for providing the ultimate in web service.  I didn't even realize there was a crisis, until I read the frequent and public announcements of the event while looking for something else on their site.

If you're looking for hosting, Rackshack is the place to go.