I moved the bulk of Red Alt to the Asymptomatic server last night because I got tired of that unmanaged server going down. The Asymptomatic server is managed, and so should get better attention when things go awry.

This also allows me to house a more permanent subversion repository (if that means anything to you) for all of the PHP development I do around here.

On top of that, it paves the way for a few minor changes at Red Alt, mostly revolving around the navigation and a wiki upgrade. Many of the navigation links there don’t work because I’m usually off doing something else rather than hooking them up. I’m going to go through all of those and make them all work.

Anyway, in case you were thinking about ignoring this news, I have updated one of my plugins for WordPress 2.0: Limit Categories

Limit Categories allows you to set limits on the categories to which users in certain Roles can post. If you create a new Role called “Guest Posters”, you can add new users to that Role, and the users with that Role will only be able to post to the “Guest Posts” category.

This makes it easy to section out your site to different writers by category, bringing your WordPress installation more toward a CMS.

Limit Categories does not limit the categories that logged-in users can view - that’s a different plugin. It might also not work as well with WordPress admin consoles that have been “redesigned”, but you can try it.

You can read more about and download Limit Categories at Red Alt, where you will also find the Role Manager plugin, which will be very useful for creating new Roles.