Royale With Cheese

We had burgers for dinner last night, and got into a conversation about hamburgers and their names, in general; how a hamburger isn't made of ham, and so a burger made with bear meat (for example) could, in fact, not necessarily be called a "bearburger".

During this conversation, somehow the trademark name of a burger came up in topic: The Quarter Pounder.

I asked Riley where one might obtain a Quarter Pounder.  He answered, "Jake's Wayback?" It's a local place that makes great burgers.  But obviously not Quarter Pounders.

Abby was quick to reply, "I know where to get Quarter Pounders, but I don't want to say because then Riley will know."

"Oh, really?" I asked.  "It's OK if Riley knows where they come from.  Where is it?"

"Cheeburger Cheeburger," she said, triumphant sounding.

+2 points for the parents.