Boy, I had really meant to do some updates here over the past five days, but I guess I didn't get to it.  Things have been kind of busy.  I wanted to write while I was in Somerset, but that didn't really work out at all.

Anyway, I'm not feeling completely with it today.  The past week has been a long difficult onslaught on my psyche, and I don't think I will have time to recouperate from it until tomorrow.  Perhaps there might be some remedial healing tonight by way of getting out of the house with Abby.  Sitting at the house all evening doesn't keep either of us busy enough to have a pleasant evening.  Maybe I could chase her around the back yard or something.  I dono.

So, after we got home last night, I tried to use the TV and it wouldn't stop dialling WebTV's number.  Our DishPlayer has this built-in WebTV feature, which is just silly.  It's a neat idea, but we have wireless broadband in the house, and I can use my notebook to do the same thing with a better OS at literally over 100 times the speed.  Anyway, we had that feature turned off a while back, so why it was insisting on downloading an update, I can't say.

Anyhow, I ended up ripping that box out of the entertainment center and replacing it with our old tuner.  It's faster, but it doesn't have PVR at all.

I really don't think we can live without PVR if we intend to watch TV.  So we'll have to look into a more stable tuner. 

I've have looked online at this DishPVR 721 thing, and it seems pretty neat.  Picture in picture using two satellite inputs.  You can record two shows at the same time, or record one show and watch another.  That would have been handy for our Tuseday nights with Buffy.  But probably not so much any more.

Anyway, that one is about $600, so we'll probably not see it in our home.

I think that if I don't end up just shoving the old DishPlayer back onto the shelf in frustration and dismay, we'll probably end up with one like the DishPVR 508.  It's not as fancy as the 721, but it does everything that we use our DishPlayer for now.  That is, it has all of the same features but not the WebTV.  What a dumb idea not to be able to turn that off entirely.

I have some pictures and stuff that I want to put online from the weekend.  I need to resize them and make links and stuff.  The new PageCat features should help with that pretty well.  I should add another feature that does inline and popup movies.  That would be swell. 

But I probably won't get a chance at that until tomorrow, so you'll just have to wait in suspense.  There are a couple of good movies of Abby in the set I have, including a couple of bad photos of her in her flower girl outfit for Emma's wedding.  She just wouldn't sit for the pictures.  But I won't get into all of that here...  Wait for the new article.