Well, Asymptomatic’s five year anniversary is at the end of the month. And in keeping with the (new last year) tradition, I’m looking for a site redesign. Unfortunately, I’m too busy to do it.

So, here’s the plan. I’m accepting bids for the new site design. I’ll tell you what I have in mind, and you can quote me. And if your plan is acceptable, we’ll deal.

Here’s what I want:

  • The layout should retain all content elements in the current design, plus a main link (on the level of Wiki, Wp-Hacks, etc. above) to the stats page and a subscription form for Bloglet.
  • The graphic design of the site should be in the style of a 10 cent comic close-up, with the color halftone spots plainly visible.
  • I rather dislike the fangirly big-background-graphic-on-top design philosophy, so expect those types of designs to be summarrily rejected.
  • Pow! Oof! and Bang! are optional.
  • Keep in mind dynamic areas of the site while designing (the image in the top-left corner changes, and the post titles can be generated images, for example).
  • The graphical elements must be CSS-based, but changes to the core HTML layout are acceptable as long as the resulting code reads logically.
  • No tables.
  • WordPress is required.
  • I'm open to reasonable suggestions and experimentation, to the point where you can throw most of my design ideas here out the window.

So. Yeah. Leave a comment if you’re interested. Even if it is moderated, I’ll see it. Be sure to leave your email address in the email box if you want me to get back to you - WordPress will not publish it, and neither will I.

Oh, also… If you’re a talented designer just looking for a little design publicity, I’ve got decent visitor stats, so any small banner will see a decent amount of display time. (Note that Thursday’s dropoff is because it’s not even noon yet, and that this is session data, not page data.)