I’m flighty. I admit it. Often it comes across as insanity, and since I’m often angry about something, it comes across as insane rage. I feel like I always have some hint of glowing red in my eye.

Here’s a list of the things that have active sought out - most of which are currently in tabs in the browser as I write this - since the power went out on Friday night:

  • Accuweather - Seems like I want to know what the weather is every morning. I pay for the premium service so I get hourly weather out to 15 days. It's usually good to within an hour or two, even at that time range, which is pretty amazing.
  • Renae Character Sheet - I've been working on this since last Saturday, and the sheet as it appears here (done with Redblade3.5, and not PCGen and those elitist CMP dudes) was totally remodeled this Saturday at the game.
  • 3E Profiler - More D&D. This is an online character generator, slick, but annoying because I can never remember my password. Fortunately, it's open source, and soon there will be a character repository around my server that I will have a better memory of.
  • Lulu - I took some stuff from one of my other sites, Indoor Astronomy, and pasted it into a Corel Draw book template. It looks like publishing a book could be more effortless than even I had originally thought. Future book topics include: Astronomy (of course), D&D adventures, and WordPress.
  • Chester County May Fest - We totally didn't go. :(
  • PHP Unit - A unit testing PEAR module for PHP. I was just wondering how one might go about it if one was inclined. One might be.
  • The 1KM1KT forums - One thousand monkeys, one thousand typewriters. For participants of the Iron Game Chef challenge.
  • Harry Potter 4 Trailer - I was going to blog about this before, and I don't think I did. My comment then would have been the same as now - "What a disappointing trailer. Usually they make you want to see the movie more."
  • WordPress 1.6 Features - Oh, crap.
  • Xevoz - I've got a ton of these guys sitting around my keyboard. I had used them for a layout on the site around this time last year. Maybe they need resurrecting.
  • 4PSA - I'm still trying to figure out the allure of these software sets. I think that it upsets me that there are buttons in my Plesk panel that don't work.
  • Copper 2005 - There's a new release of copper. If I had an extra $300 laying around, I would buy this instantly. Please give me $300.
  • Server 4 You - Just when you make your final decision about hosting and commit to it, you find out that there is better, faster, cheaper hosting than what you have. Dang it.
  • XBox Live - I booted up the old Live and turned on the wireless bridge so I could play some Microsoft Arcade, and found the worst account activation policy ever - "Your credit card has expired. Please enter the last four digits of your old credit card to change your billing options." Well, I don't have the old expired card, you morons.

I’m sure to add a few more to this list before the day is done. This counts none of my blog surfing, as you can see, which is hideously behind. Where should I start?

An idea suddenly occurs to me - business sites should add a trackback/pingback module to their home pages even if they don’t display them. This would be done for the obvious reason of knowing who was talking about them. Some kind of monitoring system could be attached so that they could see these incoming links, and perhaps sync them with Technorati. Hmm… No, no more new projects right now.