Ha! I was just looking through my stats to see if anyone’s been reading this junk, when my watch alarm went off and scared me half to death.

I have my watch set for 6am every morning, and haven’t bothered to change it since it either wakes me up when I’m usually suppose dto get up, or it is completely ineffective. But when you’ve been sitting by yourself for a few hours, and you’re holding your chin up with your fist, and your watch speaker - which by being on the bottom of the watch is normally muffled by your wrist - is more exposed due to the angle of your arm, the alarm is really, really loud.

Just thought I’d share.

That and the fact tha the sky outside is now light, which it wasn’t the last time I started writing a post. Boy that sun moves fast. Have I really been blogging for a whole day? It seems like I just started.