I’m sure you’re all watching this show by now, and since I can’t even really focus on the monitor because I’m so tired, I thought I would write eight paragraphs about Lost instead of writing more code for Wish List Live. (Incidentally- If you’re looking to suggest gifts for me on Wish List Live, clicking the Feeds link at the top of the page will take you to a newsfeed of gadgets that goes back to May or so. I’m sure you’ll find something I’d like in there.)

I’m not sure why I find Entertainment Weekly’s article title, Fetus of Doom, so amusing, but I do. And if that wasn’t one of the more freaky episodes since the pilot, I don’t know which one was. (EW has more Lost info if you’re really behind here. Catch up!)

Ok, so whatever happened to the big bad monster that was ripping down trees? In the answer to that question lies the heart of what I think is going on - nothing.

Say you were going to produce a show about a bunch of people crashing onto an island. Yawn. But say there is a bunch of strange Stephen King crap going on there, and everyone seems to be purgatoried here for a reason. That’s a show - At least until the writers come clean and explain everything. But that’s just it. That’s the point I’m making. They’re not going to come clean.

I mean, If I was going to assemble a show like this, I would write it like I expected it to run forever. I would keep throwing new weird junk at you viewers until you almost couldn’t contain the possibilities, and then I would explain things away in a method that would simultaneously pop hanging conundrums like pins to balloons and inflate new herculean derigibles of madness and quandary.

I would continue applying the Tetris-principal until the very end when the network pulled the plug. The last episode would attempt to loosly tie up most of the major puzzle threads, but leave a lot hanging, probably in a way that would leave an opening for a very enigmatic but “wow, ain’t that cool lost-on-an-island stuff” way.

So don’t expect to ever get to the end of the mysteries. And don’t expect to ever see a giant tree-eating monster, either. But enjoy the speculation - I mean, that’s the fun part of the show, right?