When we last left our hardy adventurers, they had left the Fortress of Arin and were returning to Arabel. They could not foresee what surprises awaited them there.

Here are just a few game notes from the past couple of sessions:

The party was travelling back to Arabel when the winged sound of a griffin clutch was heard from the West. They ducked for cover and saw a dozen or so bald men in red wizard’s garb flying eastward toward the mountains.

Soon after, Sybilla teleported with Harod (the only prisoner left in Arin) to the high temple of Azuth to inform her pope of the circumstances of the onyx rocks. She left Harod to be dealt with by the clerics there, who decided to let him go free because he had long served his expected term and had no opoortunity to find peace. He did not ask for help and simply wandered off, limping, into the sunlight.

Sybilla met with the pope of Azuth, who agreed that the stones should be cared for and protected in a safe location. The pope was ready to travel with Sybilla back to the party, until Sybilla changed her mind, citing that the stones might be necessary or helpful in obtaining the other stones. Instead of travelling with her, the pope sent one of the two clerics with her who was originally selected for the mission. The other cleric was turned down by Sybilla for