I’m writing this post from the Septa R5 into Philadelphia, on my way to Suburban Station and a day of work at a temporary office across the street from Liberty Place. That may be one breath of a sentence, but it’s appropriate for the month I’m having.

Deadlines for work have gotten… interesting. And in the midst of it all, I have meetings with big clients for the rest of the week. Next week I give a presentation on PHP frameworks, specifically CodeIgniter, which is fun since I haven’t used it since maybe June, coincidentally for the client that I’m meeting in the city today. At some point before this major deadline I need to take some time out to watch Riley, since Nana is going on vacation with mom.

Has anyone mentioned the Habari 0.3 release? Any. Day. Now. Just a metter of saying, at this point, “no more”, and putting it out. But I don’t have the time to do it myself, and my attempts to get others focuses on it have fizzled so far. But I’m (perhaps stupidly) still optimistic for this month.

There’s a blogger meetup this weekend, which I’d really like to attend, since I feel like I haven’t seen those folks in a dog’s age. Should I even look forward to November?

November brings Riley’s third birthday, Thanksgiving (again - what to do this year?) and the usual prep for Christmas that takes a month’s advance planning.

It’s just a bit frustrating that I’ve set myself some blogging goals for the month, as you might have noticed. With all what else to do, you’d even think I’d have more to write about, but the reality is infuriatingly the opposite. So I’ve got to find/do things to blog about and have time to blog them. Yes, a very challenging month indeed.

So these little escapes while sardine-packed onto the train could be my most personally productive moments. Thank goodness blogging from my phone is possible. (Yes, this whole post typed on the chicklet keypad.) Aye de mi.