We bought Abby a swingset for her birthday, and I finally got it assembled (mostly) in the back yard.

Dad came down on Wednesday to help me put it together.  He brought all kinds of tools with him.  That's a good thing since I can never find any of the ones we have around the house.  (Note that in my updated wish list there is a request for a tool box with a good set of fundamental tools.)

The instructions said that the assmebly should be allocated 8-12 hours, which we didn't have after I got home from work.  So we worked until it got dark and got most of the wood assembled.  The only wood thing left to attach is the canopy, which seems like I wasn't supplied enough screws for anyway.  Off I go to Home Depot.

Anyway, I thought I'd get the picture online so you can see what a monumental task it was.  There will be more pictures later of the actual construction, which were taken with the film camera since the digital went briefly missing.