I have what I think may be an unhealthy fascination with bags. I like to have containers for things, and efficient methods of storage. Finding the perfect travel laptop bag has been an excruciating exercise, but one that I’ve enjoyed partaking in.

On the way home from school yesterday, Riley explained his idea for his own backpack. In the morning, it was reasonably warm and sunny, but in the afternoon it rained, so all of the kindergarteners were left without protection from the rain. Riley was going to hold his backpack over his head to keep his head dry.

So together in the car, we came up with a scheme by which no kid would go without rain cover. We’d build in a sort of head covering/poncho to the backpack in a small hidden area at the top. When it’s not raining, you roll it up, tuck it in is pocket, and forget it’s there. On the days you forget your umbrella and it rains, you unroll the attached hood from the backpack and cover yourself. Brilliant!