Just a quick note to let everyone know that I’m not dead.

It turns out that keeping a baby is a lot more taxing than I remember, mostly because you have to entertain a 3-year-old in order to keep her from eating the baby or burning the house down. Abby has me very tired.

We went to see Shark Tale today, which wasn’t a Nemo knockoff, and wasn’t even as good. It wasn’t a bad movie - the voice talent they used entertained me and there were stupid little jokes everywhere (I laughed aloud when the sushi fish huffed behind his counter, not sure why…). Still, it didn’t have the depth of story that Pixar films have.

Abby demanded that we go to the mall today for salad, so we did. And I managed to stop at the grocery store to get her some new toothpaste because I couldn’t find hers and her teeth are turning green. Her words, not mine.

Riley had his longest daytime nap ever today, a whopping 3 hours. Yay. And so he’s up and I’m fixing sausage for dinner.

Meanwhile, napless Abby is running rampant about the living room. I hope that I put the scissors away that she got out earlier. Hmm. Anyway, if someone could ship me a small tranquilizer gun, I’d pay them back. Thanks.