I don’t know what it is, but I know that it is evil. I got about ten comments over the weekend referencing the stuff on various posts. It’s a new flavor of comment spam.

These guys are doing something new; something that I would hae done if I was an evil comment spammer. They read through a post to find some keyword and match it to their database of retated quotations. They post that quotation as a comment with a link to their completely unrelated Tramadol site. At first glance it looks like what they wrote is related to your post, but then you realize what has happened, and it’s not related at all.

They’re also doing something else while they’re scanning the post. They read the comment form. I have modified my comment form from the default WordPress install so that comments are posted to a page other than the default. For example, comments are normally submitted to the page “post-comment.php”. My installation submits comments to “xpost-comment.php”. The effect is that comment spammers with traditional tools will fail to post comments because they try to post directly to post-comment.php rather than looking at the post at all. In fact, if you submit a comment to my post-comment.php, you are automatically blacklisted.

I’m thinking of some new methods to limit the ability of these creeps to hawk their drugs on my site. I hope you all have javascript enabled.