Not wanting to be the only plugin developer to be using for his home blog, I decided to take the plunge and upgrade to 1.6 this morning. This is something that I strongly don’t recommend that you do.

My reasoning, of course, is that the only way I’m going to see the affects of daily changes to the WP source is if that source is continupusly up-to-date on the blog that I see every day. Most people don’t have a need to watch their blogs break every hour or so.

I’ve noticed a few little things recently. It seems that the admin area is getting an all-over facelift, and every new update yields some very visible changes. This isn’t as scary as it sounds; everything is still where you expect it to be, just more… colorful. I think it looks nice, but it does break the search-docs plugin a little.

There are login details in the top right corner of the page now, instead of a big bank space. Personally, I think that the search-docs plugin should be enhanced to search the local site, too, and then included in the 1.6 core. It could save the support folks a ton of grief.

As far as plugins go, only two of my plugins didn’t work after the upgrade. One was an admin redesign plugin that tried to modify the positions of elements with CSS, but those elements didn’t exist or had been moved. The other plugin was a heavily modified Subscribe To Comments plugin, that I had tweaked to be aware of user roles. Both of these were easily fixed. I imagine that plugins that rely heavily on user-level permissions are going to be the ones that fail most often after the upgrade.

Anyhow, I don’t want to tout too many new features, since you’ll all go off trying to download the alpha, which you shouldn’t do. But there is a WYSIWYG editor in here, and a lot of other fancy UI enhancements that people will argue over a bunch. I guess I don’t really care about them. They look nice, and now that I’ve played with them a bit, they’re not as slow as I thoguht they would be.

Now all I have to do is get my code merged in here and we’ll be in business