Anthor silly web meme via Perlworld via Defective Yeti. Here goes:

Simply go through the alphabet and type each letter in the address bar. Whatever address comes up for that letter is the one you list. Works best in Firefox for reasons explained in the post.

My list is slightly fitered to remove work projects, spam, and annoying people who will never get linkage from my site.

A is for Asymptomatic (duh)
B is for Bloglet, who provides email newsletters for Asy.
C is for Codex, which explains WordPress
D is for DirectNic, who registers half of my domain names.
E is for Ev1Servers, who host this site.
F is for Furl, which holds remote bookmarks.
G is for Gmail, the account for which I don’t use.
H is for Home, where the bad points of the GFDL are discussed.
I is for IMDB, specifically the info on Star Wards Episode III.
J is for Javascript, and the most unhelpful page ever on dropdowns.
K is for Kobolds, my WordPress + Linux testing ground.
L is for Localhost, where you may find more personal things than you expect.
M is for Medieval Geek, a dude who was having EzStatic issues.
N is for Noel Jackson, a photographer.
O is for Owen W, who is this guy I know that does a lot of web stuff.
P is for Psych, and a page that I’d need hypnosis to recall why I looked at it.
Q is for Quanetic, and it’s online regular expression tester.
R is for Rojo, which is a neat feed aggregator.
S is for Something Positive, a near-obsessive daily comic read.
T is for Tamba 2, which is Podz’s site.
U is for Urban Legends, where there is no do-not-call list for cell phones.
V is for Vex Me, somethig I’d rather not talk about.
W is for WordPress, big shock there.
X is for XNXX, a site that someone recommended. cough
Y is for… Nothing?
Z is for Zhangw, a WP blogger.