Berta and I tried to watch the Bourne Supremacy on the XBox last night after Abby went to bed. I moved the MPEGs to a shared folder on the server, and started up XBox Media Center.

The XBox is hooked to the network wirelessly using the Netgear router that Pat got me for Christmas and a separate Netgear dongle thingie on the XBox side. Because of where the router is, the reception is blocked by power cables and other network wires. As a result, the movie was stuttering quite often.

I got tired of the stuttering and went in to adjust some things. Eventually I ended up moving the whole box on top of the paper shredder, away from the power supplies. This seemed to help a lot, but finally at one point the whole thing just stopped sending wireless signals.

The box was pretty hot, and I remembered our overheating troubles with Netgear from work, so that’s when I packed the whole thing in ice. You can see in the pictures that I put the whole thing inside of an insulated lunch bag, and covered it with a ziplock bag full of ice. This setup worked well for a while, and then it hung again. Looks like it might be time for a new router.