Well, there isn't much going on.  My mom recently informed me that she has made reservations at a hotel on New Year's Eve in Times Square.  It's something that I've always wanted to do, even though I've heard only horror stories from those who have done it.  Hopefully it's not too cold this year.

Speaking of Mom, Abby's going to visit BB tonight for a sleep-over, while her mom and dad go out to see the Matrix: Rehashed.  (Or whatever.)  As usual, there aren't any solid plans.  This is probably because it's difficult to plan when we will be finished dropping Abby of and where/when dinner will happen.  I'm not convinced we need to go any farther than our back yard.

It seems that many critics don't like the new Matrix.  In fact, it only gets a Rotten Tomato freshness score of 77%.  And even some of the positive reviews are positive only in their enjoyment of the cool special effects.  Does this bode well for the Matrix?  I don't think it matters, since it already has the highest opening-day box office take ever.  But even X-Men 2 is more fresh (88%) than the Matrix.

I added some code to the site that sucks down the list of items from my Amazon wish list and displays a random one on the home page.  It's not visible on the site yet because I haven't quite made room for it, but it's actually getting sent to you in the code.  It probably also causes a delay in downloading the page for the first time.

Tomorrow is game night.  I should really get to writing up my character in a format that I will find useful for play.  I need to research all of my spells and magic items and figure out where all of my bonuses are coming from.  And when I figure all of that out, I'll have to write it down so that I don't have to look it up all the time.  I'll keep a copy on my notebook so that I can make modifications quickly.  This little project will take quite some time.  PCGen just isn't working for me, since I have to add all of the special items by hand.

I noticed today that someone has updated his web site.  He has what he says is a picture of a black widow spider.  It looks rather ferocious, but aren't those the spiders that have the red hourglass on their butt?  I didn't see one, unless it's the really tiny red spot on the back that's hard to make out.

I'm not sure what's supposed to go on Sunday.  Probably not too much.  I know that we're going to have to go to the Verizon store soon to order our new phones or we won't have them for the Memorial Day-weekend trip to Johnstown.  If you click on one link on this whole page, you've got to click on the "trip to Johnstown" link - Waa-Hoo!

Incidentally, at that Johnstown site you can find the difference between the Johnstown Flood Museum and the Johnstown Flood National Memorial.  One's in town and one is not.