I usually listen to music while sitting at my computer at work. It helps me think. Today I was listeing to Jamiroquai’s Traveling Without Moving. I’m not sure exactly what kind of music it classifies as, but it’s cool to groove to while you’re typing. And my mind started drifting, of course…

So, I wrote this message to one of our contractors today at work. See if you can make any sense of it. I sure can’t.


Mahesh gots’ta had some communicashun wid ya’ in de past about convertin’ fo’mats usin’ de RxVAPI32 filta’ set. We gots’ been able t’successfully convert some fo’mats wid mino’ complicashuns, but we are unable t’convert wo’d processin’ stashs t’TIFF, which be one uh our goals wid dis conversion. '

S coo’, bro. We gots’ been tryin’ different settin’s in de conversion structures in some attempt t’get dese stashs t’convert co’rectly, howeva’ we are unable t’convert wo’d processin’ stashs (tested specifically, Microsoft Wo’d stashs) t’TIFF widout losin’ part uh de page o’ creatin’ some stash uh such huge size dat it be unusable fo’ our purposes.

By adjustin’ de DPI settin’ in de conversion structure, we are able t’acheive different, un’spected results. Due t’lack uh propuh’ documentashun in dis area, includin’ de funcshun calls dat use dis structure, we are unable t’make mo’e dan basic guesses at whut de changes in settin’s gots’ta accomplish.

We gots’ written messages requestin’ mo’e detail in dis area, howeva’ we gots’ not received mo’e info’mashun dan whut be in de API documentashun, which be insufficient. We require mo’e info’mashun on dis topic t’complete our software fo’ sale. What it is, Mama!

If some technical contact could communicate dis info’mashun wid me o’ Mahesh, we could wo’k out some solushun t’our problem, which may help ya’ advance yo’ documentashun in dis area. Sheeeiit.

Jive translator provided by the Downstroke.