I dislike President Bush most of all because of frequent simple rights violations that are the result of his policymaking. Enforcing the Patriot Act might not directly cause these indiscretions, but it fosters the type of fear in people and law enforcement that turns reasonable questioning for safety into outright harassment.

I don’t want scared flight attendants to bully me off a plane because of what book I’m reading or what lapel pins I might wear (no matter how tasteless they find my political statement), or turn a plane around because they take some writing on my vomit bag the wrong way. You’ve got people so worked up that passengers with a predisposition to delusion have used this as an excuse to behave like terrorists. People are even coining terms like Miami Model to describe how law enforcement is using homeland security laws to squash protests.

There may not be an explicit law in the Constitution granting a right of privacy, but the 9th and 10th amendments assure citizens that they are not denied these rights simply because they aren’t mentioned. In fact, the Constitution explicitly delegates the rights that it doesn’t outline to the states and the people themselves.

When it come down to selecting a candidate for president, has there ever been a candidate that you could fully endorse? Some people would try to convince you that voting against Bush is not a positive thing.