Well, it’s been a few trying days, but I think we’ve finally got something usable for the backup plugin revisions.

This revised plugin was originally written by Skippy, who is currently enjoying a road trip with the family. Be sure to give Skippy props for his effort. The plugin would be hosted at his site (link to v1.4), except he’s not here and Backup Week is already upon us.

I provided a massive patch so that larger databases could be backed up, and in the interest of getting even bigger databases to go, I rewrote some larger sections of this Frankenstein’s monster.

You can currently download the plugin from RedAlt, but when Skippy returns, I’m sure we’ll change the latest version’s home at some point, so keep your eyes peeled.

The docs on Skippy’s site are reasonably up-to-date, with the following exceptions:

  1. Database size is mostly irrelevant - If your database is very big, the plugin might not be able to compress it. You will still be able to download the uncompressed backup.
  2. PHP Timeout - Your server might still timeout if it takes a very long time to perform certain operations in the backup, but this is much less likely with this code.

It’s only gone through a few trials, so notes about success or failure (especially on Safari) would be helpful, if you want to comment.

We’re still continuing development. There are a couple of features I would still ike to see, specifically a fix for the large archives. We’ve petitioned for access to a couple of SVN projects at wp-plugins.org lately. Hopefully Matt hooks us up soon and then collaboration will go much more smoothly.