Ah, I’ve finally made it out of the house. I’ve been cooped up there all week for one reason or another. Until yesterday, I hadn’t even been outside of the house other than to get packages of of the covered porch - a crime, considering the weather. But today, today is a good day.

Clients seem appeased, and work - although steady and challenging - is not frantic and stress-inducing like it often has the capacity to be. Also, we’ve got new projects and new people coming in, which is exciting. I’m particularly pleased with a little side project I’ve been coding for use at work - a Drupal module that replaces and vastly improves on Campfire’s chat capabilities.

I’ve been able today to run a couple of errands, too. I got a note into Abby’s school to let her stay for her Girl Scout meeting this afternoon, and also payment for her class photo. Currently, I’m finishing lunch at Stadium Grille, which I’ve missed since I stopped taking Abby to Kindergarten every other day. I’m really jazzed about not having to eat another Hot Pocket. My burger was phenomenal. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and the same can be true for food that you like.

Tonight we’re going to try to get the scooter running with a new spark plug. I really hope that’s all it needs. Soon then I’ll be puttering around Chester Springs more often, just to have an excuse to ride the scooter. After that, Dad is going to sit with the kids while Berta and I got out for dinner and maybe a movie. We did go out on Berta’s birthday, but these dates without kids are infrequent enough to still be notable.

And the weather today… It’s amazing. The trees are all starting to get that green haze on them, and the temperature is just on the hot side of Spring. It’s nice.

I don’t know what plans the rest of the weekend holds, but I hope there’s room to appreciate it and fill it with activity like today.