Pat and I went out yesterday in the heavy rain in search of some furniture. We went all sorts of places, but not for furniture.

First we stopped at the Goodwill to deposit some clothes donations. These plastic bags of clothes have been sitting in Berta’s car for weeks, her intention being to donate them. Every time we want to use the back seat of her car or the trunk, we have to throw the bags around. So I finally took them up. Yay, they’re gone!

After that we stopped at Burger King because I was hungry. The guy at the counter who took Pat’s order (also named Pat) had some difficulty making change for the guy in front of us. The guy apparently paid with a $10 bill, but the BK guy rung it up as $5. Instead of just giving the guy back his change plus $5, he went and got a calculator and figured it out. Don’t they teach math in school any more?

We stopped at PetSmart to get food for Pooh. They actually had the kind he needs - Science Diet for Seniors with hairball control. He has a very specific diet. The hairball control doesn’t seem to fully control the random vomiting, but I’m thinking that the vomiting would be worse otherwise.

Next was BJ’s for formula. Pat pointed out that “Enfamil” is just a play on “Infant” and “Family” to implant a subliminal warm feeling in buyer’s minds. I pointed out that Similac, the only real competitor, doesn’t mix properly and clogs the bottle nipples with clumps.

Similarly, I don’t know why people get brands of diapers other than Huggies. Pampers are these nasty plastic nappies. It’s like wrapping your baby in a garbage bag. Ew. Unless they’re significantly cheaper (never really checked, so maybe that’s it - only interested in the highest-quality diaper, here) I see no reason to choose them or Luvs over Huggies.

Onward to the furniture store!

The mission- Seek out a new dresser for Riley that will fit in his room. The measurements were very small. I called Berta to get a little slack in the requirements, and we found something that looked to work. It was even 20% off for being a floor model on a discontinued unit. We can pick it up anytime barring Christmas, and can probably load it into either of our cars.

After that, Staples. I won’t talk too much about that since we got some gifts there fr people that may read this thing, but it was somewhat of a letdown. They didn’t have the thing that I specifically went there for - those crazy snap-on CD sleeves that you can use inside the drive. Oh, well.

After that, Circuit City. After that, Walmart. After that, Circuit City. Busy, busy, price-checking. But it all worked out well. I think after rebates, Circuit City had the item in question for $20 less than the highest price we saw. Very nice.

Pat came over for dinner and played Memory with Abby. She’s not bad.