It was a curious day when Abby’s mommy came home from work and found Abby slithering around under the kitchen table.

Abby’s tongue flicked back and forth across her lips quickly. Either she was thinking very hard or was just about to snack on something very delicious. She quietly looked up at Mommy without blinking.

“You must be a snake,” Mommy said as she looked down at her under the table, “because you’re slithering around under my kitchen table.”

Abby pulled her arms legs underneath herself and stood on all fours under the table. “No, I’m not a snake!” Abby barked. “I don’t have scaly skin.” She crawled out on her hands and knees and pranced about in front of Mommy axiously. Finally she sat still, wiggling her little bottom and looking up at Mommy with big round eyes.

“Oh,” Abby’s mommy said thoughtfully. “Then you must be a little dog, since you’re crawling around on the floor and looking up at me with your big puppy dog eyes.”

Abby pulled her hands up off the floor and squatted on her feet. “No, I’m not a dog,” Abby chirped. “I don’t have any fur.” Abby’s head bobbed around a bit on top of her head as she got her balance, teetering squatted on her tip-toes.

“Hmm,” Abby’s mommy thought again to herself. “Then you must be a parrot, since your head is bobbing like that and you’re making such a squawk about it.”

“No, no, NO!” Abby said, standing up straight. “I’m not a parrot, I don’t have wings!” She waved her arms around to demonstrate, and was so excited she teetered back and forth from one leg to the other.

“Well, you’ve got to be a monkey, then,” said Mommy contemplatively. “Look at how you’re pretending to swinging your arms like a crazy little monkey.”

“Ugh!” cried Abby. “I’m not a monkey! I don’t have a tail!” Abby was starting to get tired of all of this monkey business. She told Mommy, “I’m just a little girl!”

Just then, Mommy got a sly look on her face. “Are you sure you’re not a frog?” Mommy asked.

And just like that, Abby turned into a little frog and said, “Ribbit!” just before she hopped into Pooh Cat’s water bowl, through the pantry, and into the back yard.

The distant sound of croaking was heard coming from the swingset while Mommy made macaroni and cheese for dinner.