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Three Development Projects

I’ve been dedicating my spare time to three development projects lately, some of which are continuations of past work, while others are new ventures. Allow me to elaborate on them.

Firstly, there’s Tin (using the chemical symbol Sn), the software that powers this website. I’m quite pleased with Tin’s progress, as it now boasts numerous features I’ve long wanted to implement. In fact, it has made creating and posting new content significantly more effortless. I recently added pagination functionality, enabling users to navigate between pages and allowing Google to index all 3,000+ posts on the blog. Additionally, I re-enabled the search feature, which has been performing well. As I continue developing Tin, I plan to enhance the interactive front-end for post composition, streamlining the process of writing and publishing content directly on the site.

The Programmer's Toolbox

After reading an article on Hacker News I found myself once again perplexed by self-proclaimed "programmers" who insist upon a minimal toolset to accomplish their work.  

Jeremy Morgan, the guy who wrote the original article about the tools he uses, is clearly a Windows programmer.  His tools indicate not only that he runs Windows, but that he writes code that is intended to be deployed on Windows.  For Windows developers, some tools are necessary for the trade.  Specifically, a compiler that will produce a Windows binary application is a tool that must be in the box to accomplish your job.  But beyond what's required for producing working code/applications for different platforms, there seems to be a trend among vocal "coders" to use the least invasive tools for the job.