Rethinking My Coffee Routine

Over the past month, I’ve considered altering my coffee routine. It’s not about changing the quantity, but rather the flavor of the coffee pods I’ve been using for some time now. Previously, I had a Blue Bottle Coffee subscription, grinding their monthly roasted beans and brewing with a French press. However, due to expenses, I switched to Keurig coffee pods from the local grocery store. While affordable and decent, the taste has become monotonous.

Occasionally, I’ve enjoyed good coffee while out on trips or weekends, and I’d like my home coffee to emulate that flavor instead of the pods’. This doesn’t refer to Starbucks coffee, as I find its burnt taste unappealing. A standout example is Roosevelt Coffee Roasters in Columbus, which serves a delightful oat milk latte with honey. Their smooth coffee flavor is what I prefer over the bitter taste of locally acquired options.