July 06, 2021

Sn Updates July

Over the holiday weekend, I put some time into some updates to Sn (the software that makes this blog go) that will hopefully shift it back in the direction I was originally hoping for.

When I initially wrote the app, I hand-rolled my own router function. It was pretty simple, breaking URLs apart at slashes and looking for replaceable variables. It worked very well, was small, and did exactly what I wanted. So why did I update it to the Gorilla mux library?

March 25, 2021


I think I've finally got this working properly, but who knows how much longer it will stay online so I'd better write this quickly.

I'd been looking for a way to better perform searches for this blog within the config. That is to say, for certain routes, I'd like posts with certain characteristics to appear. The criteria for the posts are a search, and are associated to the route configuration.