I ought to have titled this blog “I’ve Been Thinking” since it seems each post involves me thinking about some thing and never actually doing more than that. Lately, my thoughts have been on my mother-in-law, who is currently facing medical challenges. Her children are preparing an obituary for when her time comes. Naturally, this has led me to reflect on how I’d like to be remembered and the legacy I’d leave behind.

Legacy is a weighty word, but it captures that essence – what I hope to achieve in life. As cliche as it sounds, considering what my obituary would say while I’m still alive is an intriguing exercise. It prompts thoughts about whether I’ve accomplished everything I’d hoped to and what more I have to achieve.

Although I’m proud of many accomplishments, I don’t think I’d be satisfied with an obituary written for me now. I’m unsure of its content, but primarily, I don’t feel like I’ve made the impact on the world that I truly desire. This leads to questions about how to reach a point where all my goals are fulfilled.

Additionally, I’ve contemplated the hypothetical scenario of having limited time left to accomplish these things. What changes would I make in order to achieve them? And then there’s the inevitable combination of these thoughts: If there are changes I’d make to address the content of my obituary, why not make them now as if I only had a finite amount of time left in this world? Which we all do.

The question arises, why am I not already taking these actions? There are clear answers to this, but it highlights the importance of self-reflection. Periodically assessing whether we are on track to achieve our goals is crucial. Recent events, such as health difficulties faced by Berta’s parents, my own parents, and myself for that matter, have prompted me to think about the future and ask what I want to do with my life, both personally and professionally.

It’s essential to ask ourselves if we feel accomplished and if there are any changes in course needed to reach our desired destination. I want my children and family to be proud of my achievements and the person I have been. To have had a positive impact on their lives is a strong wish coming through all of this reflection.

So, what changes will I make in the near or long term? How will these thoughts shape my actions and behaviors? With many potential changes at work, these questions become even more relevant. I am eager to find a better work-life balance, focusing more on family and personal life. Ultimately, I hope to enjoy time with those close to me and have more of my accomplishments be my own and not those I give to an employer.