There must be intelligent life down here

Life in Review

I heard on the radio today that resolutions for the new year are not things that you should enter into trivially at the last moment if they are something that you truly wish to accomplish. Being that I’m a firm believer in 20-second pop psychology, I decided just now that that I would take some time to briefly ponder the year and see if there was any lesson worth taking with me on into 2006.

Love-Hate: The PHP IDE

I’ve been coding in PHP for quite some time now, and I’m still trying to come up with the best editor for my workflow. I have even written about this particular issue before.

For the past few years, I’ve been using PSPad as my editor. PSPad is a great text editor, and has practically everything I need, but lately due to the sometimes hectic pace of some projects, I’ve come to miss actual debugging with breakpoints and such.

Posting by Email with Gmail

Hanging out in the #wordpress IRC channel yields a great many questions. Some interesting, some not. Late last night, while I was trying to configure my server to use PHP’s new PHP Data Objects, someone asked this question:

How can I use a Gmail account to post new entries to WordPress?

Basically, the idea is to configure WordPress so that when you send an email to a Gmail account, WordPress picks up that email and turns it into a post.

Oddly, this is functionality that is built into WordPress, but is what WordPress provides enough to get the job done?

I’m going to set up a Gmail account for posting to a new blog on a subdomain. Let’s see how it works.

Today's Imporatant Lesson

Permit me to pass on some advice.

When someone you don’t know contacts you and asks you reasonable questions, treat them like a rock star. Treat them like they’re the most important person in the world while you’re writing your reply. Reply to them as though your happiness was dependent on their happines with your reply; perhaps not with the content of your message, but with the clarity and willingness to respond.

You never know - one of those people might actually be a rock star.